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I. Am. Sick. And. Tired. Of. Dealing with. IDIOTS! I just am. I thought I told myself that I would avoid all message boards outside of RPGs? Why can't I stick to that?

For that matter, why don't the PTB put up some sort of test you have to take before you're allowed on the Net? It's not that hard to remember how to type the word 'you', does it? But no, it's a whole three letters long! (*gasp*) So of course it ought to be one letter. Ah, such sense this makes.

It's even worse when you go to RPGs and see the same thing. RPGs. Role Playing Games. In real life, do you drop all capitalization, punctation, and ideas of grammar? NO! So why do it if you're pretending to be yourself in Narnia?

RPGs: Taking Laziness to a New Extreme.

Also, all those morons who like to call Good Charlotte and Simple Plan "posers": Get. Over. It. They sing. They play instruments. They're successful. So they obviously can't be very good, if people like them, and they're not all angsty. Wow. That's great. So every musician who was ever successful and liked being successful is a poser? So that leaves... All those idiots who are like "We're millionaires, boo-hoo."


Whatever. I'm going now.

Cordelia: You're a lot smarter than you look. Of course, you look like a retard.

That's my new motto.

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