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Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day!

I am now a Weasley. Mwa. Obviously, not really, but my hair is! *waves it wildly*

And now, two songs. Yo:

School of Rock

Baby we was making straight A's,
But we was stuck in the dumb days,
Don't take much to memorize your life,
I feel like I've been hypnotisized,
and then that magic man he come to town,
he done spone my head around,
said recess is in session,
Two and two make five,
and now baby, I'm alive
Oh yeah, I'm alive.

And if you wanna be the teacher's pet,
Well baby you just better forget,
Rock got no reason,
Rock got no rhyme,
You better get me to school on time.

Oh you know I'm better on a roll,
down to brains, and got no soul,
raise my hand before I can speak my mind,
I've been biting my tongue too many times,
And then that magic man said to obey,
do what magic man do,
not what magic man say,
Now could I please have the attention of the class,
today's assignment,

And if you wanna be the teacher's pet,
well baby you just better forget,
rock got no reason,
rock got no rhyme,
you better get me to school on time.

This is my final exam,
now ya'll know who I am,
I might not be that perfect son,
but ya'll be rockin' when I'm done.

Roll On

We'll roll on with our heads held high
Our conscience in the gutter
Our dreams up in the sky

The ship yards are deserted on the docks on Melbourne town
The wharfies standing strong
They gathered round to see what the union had to say
There's too much work and not enough pay


We'll protest in peace keep the whole thing quiet
The last thing needed is a wage-fuelled riot
'Cos they don't really care
They're always standing there
Running from the outside
From the outside
Running from the outside world

Do you really care?
Why are you standing there?
Filming for the outside world
Do you really care?
Why are you standing there?
Filming for the outside world

Five weeks had passed when the union made it clear
Spirits slowly faded and the end was getting near
You see you're all expendable
And when all is said and done
You'll go back to work tomorrow
Or meet your new replacement son

Roll on


And I'm really tired of always putting Law & Order for my music. Pah.

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