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"I'm Burnt Out on Sympathy and Overdosed on Apathy"

It's freezing in here, my English teacher's an A-class moron, my nose is runny, I posted new ficage, and I'm losing intrest in the Internet. In that order. Or not. Don't really care.

I don't know why, but I am caring less about the Internet, and RPGs, and fanfiction. Which majorly sucks, if only because the Net's one of the few things keeping me from complete apathy at this point. Damn typical teenage behavior. I wish I car- Wait, no, not gonna say that. I'm not so far gone that I'll toss about the 'W' word in abandon.

Hm. Even that one pathetic attempt at a humourous injoke isn't enough to make me care. Intriguing.

Oh well, I'll get over it. For now, I'll just say "Screw computer time!" and go read Trickster's Choice or watch some cartoons. While eating Pops. Hm, beginning to lose apathy. Apathy for Net, still intact. Oh, whatever.

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