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Had an interesting lunch.

Really, would you expect a geek, a jock, a psycho, and a stoner to sit down and discuss politics, government, and war? It's the Breakfast Club, all over again, but with a more dangerous and less cute psycho and no detention to blame it on. Also, no beauty and less intelligent brain. But the jocks are the same (excluding the fact that Andrew in the Breakfast Club was a wrestler and Tom does track).

Problem? The stoner kid was Chris Mack. I think I may be losing my intense dislike and disgust for him. Still don't like him. Still won't accept him as a lackey, however good he is at it. But... tolerate.

And I still need an archrival. Ever since I lost contact with Bloedel-san (*mutters heated curse words*) I haven't had one. No one can challenge my intellect! MWAHAHAHA!

But I want an archenemy. Gosh darn it.

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