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She Sells Sea "Shells" by the Sea Shore

Dude, where did Knox get a 'forbidden book' when he was eleven? Plot bunny much?

Heh. "My last one was taller."
"I may, uh, be shrinking a bit in your presence."

"Well, is there anyway to get her astral over to LA?" *SNORT*

Wes is rather cheesy, I'm sorry. But he is.

"No, don't put me on hold!"

Heh, Knox is great.

Yay, SWAT team!

"That, and a whole lot of bullets."

Angel the Cheese Master. Now falling.

Ooh, slow-mo-yo.

"Did she toss you out a window?"
"Then you're one up on me."

Heh. "She got what she came for."

Heh, Gunn's funny.

"Well that's not fair."

"Never a truer word."

I love Angel's office, I just do.

"Cute lopsided grin..." Oh man.

"Uh, shouldn't you be wearing one of those... moon suits?"

"Mind if _I_ put one on?"

Aw, Wes. Start snogging Harmony already!

Wow, Harmony's good. "The girl of your dreams loved you. That's more than most people get."

"WES! Stop it, Wes!"

"I thought that was supposed to be unbreakable or something."

Harmony is a lot less

Oh dear. Knox's name with a smiley face in the O like a little girl.

"Knox couldn't've erased them if he didn't have his woman phone."

Hahaha. I love Harmony. And she and Wes really oughta start screwing right now. I mean it. And evil-thuggish Gunn is great.

"Not telling me anything I didn't already know."
"Why do you think I'm telling you?"

Aw, Gunn. He's better at angst than Wesley is, I'm sorry but he is.

Oh shit. Wes is gunna kill Gunn. I mean, yeah I'm harbouring a bit of resentment over Gunn's repeated beating of Knox, but still. He's aight with me when he's all shiny and thuggy. I might watch some good season two episodes before bed tonight. Dunno. I've gotta get up early tomorrow.

The guy from the Sprint commercials is hot. Kinda like Vincent D'Onofrio, but not.

Not. Knox. I love him. He rocks. Knoxy's always okay with me, yo. Even when he's dead, which is quite likely by the end of this episode. Side note: It's nice that Harmony's gonna be there 'til the end of Angel. She, too, was in the unaired pilot of Buffy. That makes her the longest lasting Buffyverse character, I think, although Angel might've been in the unaired pilot too. Dunno. Wish that- Er, no wishing. But Jonathan oughta be here too.

And no, POed Wes. Or maybe not. Wait... Ooh, more angsty Gunn. And bad-arse Wes. Yo, I like this scene. Agh, don't mention her name, ya flipped him off.

"I can forgive it." Oh schiest. HOLY EFFING CRAP! HE STABBED GUNN!

"I avoided the major organs, he'll probably live."

Ha, that was awesome.

More overdramatic Wes.

Oh man. Wes is being betrayed by all. Poor guy.

"Screams. Various fluids. A name."

"Her army of doom."
"There's a shocker."

"Opposible thumbs. Fire. Television."

"They? You don't consider you a part of your race?"

"Be quiet."
"Oh, right, I'm sorry."

"The Wolf, Ram, and Hart. In my time, they were low, barely better than the vampire."
"I guess they beefed up." Oh damn, but he looks hot like that.

Oh man, Harmony being the good guy. I love this. I love it all. And more angsty Gunn! Damn, but he's hot. "Because of me. I did this." Aw, he's crying. Sadnessfull. He's still hot.

Oh, damn, he said 'showtime'. That's always a good idea. *rolls eyes*

Between Knox and Wes, my drool is gonna

"Is that an issue? Is, is, my life in peril here? King?"

And bang. Buh-bye Knox. Fuck you, Wes. Heh, Angel. "Were you even listening?" But he'd fight for Knox's life. So Angel is now my favourite.

I love this episode. And hate it. And love it. And hate it. And want to kill Wes. And want Knox to be alive. And- Sigh. If only the 'W' word worked, I could summon up Halfrek- wait, she's dead. Er, one of D'Hoffryn's lackeys, in any case. And revert everything back to How It Should Be. And Jonathan. Gotta have Jono.

And we're back. And Knox is dead.

"It offends me, that you think he matters." Damnit, is this one of those cases where I'm the only one saddened? Like with Eve?

Hee, phallic imagery!!!!! Hee!!! Slow-mo-with-the-guns-in-the-hizouse-yo.

"Sneaky." I love the way she said that.

Whee, new dimension.

Ooooh, schiest. Wait. I'm guessing her army's dead, right? Yep, gone. Whoo, I win. But... Knoxy. My Knoxy. And now sand. "My world is gone."

Wait, what, I thought Angel was the one who got sucked in, not Wessy-poo. Oh well.

Ha, business as usual.

Poor Wes. He's so forlorn. Now, where's that Sunnydale person? Wasn't someone supposed to come? Oh damn.

"It's what she would've wanted. It's what I want. I don't really like you, suppose I never will. What's happening here, it's important, Fred gave her life for it. I suppose I can give what's left of mine."

Aw, Spike. Aw, Wes. So much angst. Damnit Illyria, enough pain yet?

"I- I'm uncertain. This place... This part of the shell-"
"Don't call her... The woman you killed, she had a name."
"This is important to you. Things have names. This shell... Winifred Burkle. She can't return to you."
"I know."

Heartbreaking. Damn it, Illyria, fuck you.

"I have nowhere to go. My kingdom is long dead. Dead."

Ooh, harsh, Wes-man. Haaarsh.

Hee, oh this is priceless. Or, rather, Pryce-less. *snort*

Enough with the Wes-angstage, aight yo? Ha, nice way to rub it in, Illy. "I'm probably the last man in the world to teach you what is right." Sorry, that honour goes to Giles, if we're keeping the undead out.

"Because I look like her?"
"You cling to what is gone. Is there anything to this life but grief?"
"There's love. There's hope." I love this speech. I don't know why, but I do, not as much as Jonathan's goodbye speech, but enough.

Enough to live on.

Aw, nice song. Nice shots of everyone. Spike's all in the way of some lawyers. Ha. Brooding Angel. Am I surprised? Aw, Wes... *hugs* Aw, the bunny. And Illy. Creepy, but cool and sad. And memories of home. Nice goodbye to Fred, though.

Long gymnastic commercial, whatev. Still waiting.
Grr, Argh, except not heard.

What, no next? Goddamn you, Joss. I hate you. *cries*

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