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Well, folks, more than a month 'til we get new Angel. Which I guess is all right, as then we have all six of the last ones in a row.

In other news: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM! Not that he reads this, but still. I got him this weird little stuffed dog with a huge effing head (part of the 'Artlist Collection', it says) and a Hulk puzzle. Eh, whatever. He wouldn't tell me what he wanted, so I threatened I was gonna get him a stuffed animal. He still wouldn't, so I got him a stuffed animal. Can't wait to see what he does. I'll be seeing him in about twenty minutes, before he goes off to Algebra and me to Algebra II. We all (me, Tom, Nets, Jenn, the Neko, Dana, Elena, and others) gather at the end of the ramp next to the water fountains in the Math hall, because it's the nexus of all of our paths to class for sixth hour.

Which, y'know, no one really cares about, but I'm bored. Anyone find some good BtVS/HP crossover fics?

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