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I've got 'Riot on Broadway' stuck in my head, gosh darn it all to heck.

Oh well. I cannot wait until 5PM today. Why, you may ask? Because that is the point in which I can upload all of the new icons I made the other night, all Buffyverse. One animated, Angel characters only, seven clips with The Living End lyrics (Riot on Broadway, actually); and then either three or four stationary ones with no words, but a lot of shiny editing. I'm proud of myself, I generally rely on words for these things, and they don't really look too good. But now, I have faith in other skills.

By the way, where is Mr. Sloan? Oh, wait, there he is. Neva mind. He was rather late today, but that's his perrogative, he's the teacher. Heh, I used perrogtive. Think I'm spelling it wrong, but don't particularly care.

Going to the Doll's Day Festival at Simpson Methodist this weekend. Mainly because I need to do culture stuff for Japanese class, but also because it looks like hell fun! Me mum and I are thinking of asking Bonnie and Colin-bear along, Craig too if he's off (I think he is, we're going on Sunday). My da won't be coming, even if he has the day off. That's my da, the workaholic. And he keeps sneaking up behind me when I'm on the couch watching the Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy and putting a cold soda can on the back of my neck, gah.

I'm gonna go now. Got work to do, yo. One last note: My mam's getting School of Rock and Angel season three for me today! Meaning I can re-watch SoR and point out the multitude of times that Freddy acts exactly like Draco!

Dewey: "You. What do you like to do for fun?"
Freddy: "Me? Uh, I dunno, burn things?"

I love that movie. Did you know that all of those kids actually did their own work? How awesome is that? Also, scarily enough, I think the guy who played Freddy is older than me. And, of course, Hugh Mitchell/Colin Creevey is EXACTLY MY AGE. Man, I look old. Or maybe they look young. Pah, whatev.

I feel this weird urge to giggle uncontrollably.

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