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Dolls and Hair

Well, Joe, Tom, Aunt Bonnie, and Colin-Bear the Smuf are all going to the Doll's Day festival with me. Okay, Tom's no guarentee, but he's slightly spineless and will go if I beg him, so tada. Oughta be fun. My poor Tommy, he's such a wimp. Not really, he's great at track and can bench-press twice his body weight, but he allows Jenn and Dana (one of these days, I'll find out her real name and quit calling her after a psycho Slayer) to kick him where the sun don't shine, and me to tease him.

Ugh, my hair is gross. I need to wash it, seriously. Ah well. I'll deal. Snape manages, so will I!

New icons, by the way. The one I'm using right now is Angel from "You're Welcome", after Cordy goes poof, and my default is of Jonathan on the Seal of Danzalthar. Or whatever it's called. I'm also creating a new community, "Team Socket's Random Insanity", soon to be at LJ name team_socket. Ha. Go there for weird plots and challenges, etc. As soon as it's y'know, created.

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