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Great Gadzooks, Gatsby!

My opinion of the the movie version of the Great Gatsby: It's nice to know that someone in Hollywood has a sense of humour.

First, we have Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby himself, which would have worked if not for the fact that all I can think about when I see him is Woodward. Then, Sam Waterson, aka ADA Jack McCoy, as Nick Carraway. If that's not distracting, nothing is. Not to mention the fact that all three of the girls, Daisy, Myrtle, and Jordan, and even Myrtle's sister, all look alike. Jordan's the only one I can reliably tell apart, and that's only when she speaks.

And then there's a scene, a rather amusing scene, when Jay and Daisy meet again: They stare at each other while a really annoying violin plays, Nick shrugs and walks out, and it seems like he's outside for a while, sitting on a bench under a tree, and when he comes back they're standing in the exact same place, still staring at each other wordlessly. That was great.

And more to come on Tuesday. Whoo. Hoo.

Tom's party is tomorrow, and just typing that reminds me of the Great Gatsby, sad really. And on Sunday there's the Facing East, Facing West exhibit. I'm popular! Not. But I can pretend...

Now, off to work on Venifica, accesible at http://www.s6.invisionfree.com/venifica . Join the Daily Prophet, we're cool!

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