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Apprenticing for Humour

Bill (About Sam): You ask him what time it is, he tells you how to build a clock.
Bill (About Nick): He's like the guy who jumps out of an airplane without learning how to work the parachute.

Hey, Bill, you're funny. Why don't you laugh as I BURY MY FIST IN YOUR FACE?


Sorry, but I liked Sam, and like Nick, on the Apprentice, okay? I realize I am one out of a trillion, but still!

"If I don't get some catered service...I'm going to have to call the President." -- Troy, imitating Assorama's stop-for-lunch bitchfest

Also, I sent in my story-application for the Alpha Teen Writers thingie. Hope I get in, that would be awesome. And now, one last round on my sites, and then... sleep, probably. Ciao, yo.

One last thing: Five years of no LTJ fans, and all of a sudden I saw two t-shirts of them today. One was a girl I dinnae know, but Penny was the other, and I know he's not even vaguely poser-like, so I'm kind of afraid. Leaving now.

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