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As If We Needed Further Proof I'm a Geek

Hey, everyone. Me? Officially. Loser.

I was interested in the dude who played Snyder, right? So I go on to IMDb, and go to Buffy guest appearences, and get sidetracked by all them people from the season one episode the Pack. So I click on Brian Gross, who played Tor. Under his guest appearences is a shot on CSI Miami. I thought the episode name looked familiar, so I looked it up. Lo and behold, it's the same episode the Sean Maher (of Firefly) was in!

Not to mention that Thomas Burr (Lee Mercer of season one Angel) was in a TV show with Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald of Angel), BEFORE Angel was even created.

And yes, we have no bananas. Er, I have no life, that is.

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