Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

Ha, I love this show

Spoilers for the latest episode of the Apprentice:

Otakulee: Hee, Bill's cute
Summerchick3334: lol,yea
Otakulee: Aw, poor Nicky.
Otakulee: Ooh, they've got a relationship
Summerchick3334: lol
Otakulee: Oh, Trumpluxury. Not regular luxury, but Trumpluxury
Summerchick3334: it is coooool
Summerchick3334: wow..... minimum of 20 grand!
Otakulee: I don't like it. *shivers* I think I'd be afraid of falling out of those windows
Summerchick3334: lol, just be hapy it's not a glass floor
Otakulee: *shudder*
Otakulee: Hey, Nick's doing good! He answered good! He no get fired!
Summerchick3334: like that glass box they had on Fear Factor...... thenthe bottom fell out after the time ended and they feeeeeeeelllll
Otakulee: SHH!! I'm already scared!
Summerchick3334: heh, okay okay
Otakulee: Damn, I hope Amy gets fired. What a biotch!
Summerchick3334: totally
Otakulee: Although, kinda sad, if there's no girls
Otakulee: I just hope it isn't Nick or Bill
Summerchick3334: lol, ya know when you got on the bus after kicking tom in the balls, he started cussing, and cussing...... it was funny
Otakulee: Ha!
Otakulee: Oh, screw it! I'm going to the boards, I NEED to know who won!
Summerchick3334: lol. I should be nick
Otakulee: ...You should be Nick?
Summerchick3334: heh o.o'
Otakulee: Hee
Summerchick3334: *it
Otakulee: Ha. No.
Summerchick3334: eh
Otakulee: ...should I look and see?
Summerchick3334: yes
Summerchick3334: lol!
Summerchick3334: in his gay face!
Otakulee: HA! Next, Kwame! Because he does have his luva no more! And then, AMY! So Bill or Nick will win!
Summerchick3334: hahaha!
Otakulee: Do the happy bounce! Bounce, bounce. BOUNCE!
Summerchick3334: meow, meow, meow, meow; meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow it's Lionel!
Otakulee: Yay, Lionel!
Otakulee: Oh, that was great! "Every redheaded guy is with a redheaded girl, what's with that?"

"I've never dated a redheaded girl."
Otakulee: Hey! That was mean, Trumpster!
Otakulee: MWAHA! 40800!
Otakulee: You're. Joking. They thought Nick was gay? Duuuude, Troy/Kwame
Otakulee: Hey, Nick's dad and Amy's sister!
Otakulee: HA!
Otakulee: *sniff* And people said Sam was obsessed. Troy sent the dude his yearbook with his senior quote reading "Trump, I'm coming"


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