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Concert? CONCERT! ...concert?

There's going to be a concert, name of Projekt Revolution. Who's in it? The Used, Linkin Park, Snoop Dog, Korn, AND! The SUPER REASON I WANT TO GO TO IT...


I want to go so badly. I NEEEEED TO GO!

Problem? Mother won't let me go without someone else. Problem? I know Jenn and the Neko would go if they could, but Neko's mother won't let her period, and Jenn probably won't be able to weedle the money out of her mother. So that leaves... *thinks who among her friends like this kind of music* ...Zach and TJ? As if. TJ is a ninth grader, probably won't be allowed to come, Zach might, but he's just that kind of guy who wouldn't. Sigh. If only I was still friends with Andrika... But wait, she doesn't like those bands. Damn it!

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