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Lyrics and Ideas

Less Than Jake's 1989 as a tribute to seven years of Buffy.

Let me give you some insight into my insides
I haven't been this confused in such a long time
you can't believe I've spent just losing my mind
I can't believe that 10 years have really gone by
it's been a long time
Had a plan for every year I've been alive
a million more I've built up inside of me
there's a million more that I have bottled up
and that I've fucked up
do you feel like the hard times are mountains you've climbed lying awake
it still feels like it's '89 it's been a long time
those mindless days the plans that I've made
the countless mistakes all the times I've changed
through the years I faced all that's kept me sane
every single day

Less Than Jake's Bad Scene and a Basement Show as a tribute to the long-suffering men of Buffy

Well the scene here he wants her back Drunken Spike, Lover's Walk
he's trying to use the phone
she's hanging up he's given up
he should've known
Xander calling Buffy, Hush
looking lost then he wanders off
and tries to sing along to some song he's never heard
but just keeps mouthing all the words
Angel at the Bronze
It gets worse before it's all over
I know I'll get through this somehow
It gets worse before it's all over
Spike being beat up by Glory (whazzat? Intervention?), being beaten up by Doc (the Gift), being tortured by the First/Drusilla (um... Bring On the Night?)
and nothing's gonna change her mind for now Tara being mind sucked by Glory? Bad joke, I know.
Well the scene here he's still alone
another band goes on in this crowded basement
with too much small talk and lame inside jokes
Andrew in the basement with others. Pick a seventh season episode.
feeling useless out of excuses
he should've known to let it go
Andrew doing his usual thing and annoying the hell out of the Scoobs.
she said "it's done"
second chances seem to never come
Andrew being... yelled at by Buffy? Anya? *shrug*
After all the bad endings and misunderstandings
and all of the late night last hopes and lost time
and all that she left for me was only a memory
all I can say is she don't understand me
Spike singing "My Way" (Lover's Walk), scenes of Spike fighting the Slayers (Fool for Love), Andrew in his big chair with the pipe (Storyteller), Riley getting drunk before leaving (Into the Woods), Spike having Dru and Buffy tied up (Crush), etc.

Less Than Jake's Suburban Myth, as a... music video, hell, I don't know.

So let's hit the streets tonight Patrol
And I'll show you where I lost my job Doublemeat Palace? Anne?
and where I got chased by cops Career Day at SHS
so we'll jump the fence at 13th and 10th
to see where we played our first show
Bronze scene from Welcome to the Hellmouth
I told you everybody loses sight of Blind Giles, Something Blue.
All the how it's been and never was Wishverse
So let's hit the streets tonight
And I'll show you where I drank on the job
and hung out In that parking lot
Life Serial, drunken Buffy and the Troika van
left at the light there's park 16th on the right Flash of a random park (Teacher's Pet?)
and that's the place that we called home Revello Drive
That place you'll never get a chance to know Buffy running away, Becoming Part 2
and all the people through the years you could've known Montage taken from the credits
it makes me wonder what your seeing is almost "home" Sunnydale crumbling inwards, Chosen.

Tada. Further proof of how not-lifey I am.

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