Leevee (colin_chaotic) wrote,

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Wow, I'm Pissed.

Well, Joe is a jackass. How hard is it to just grab something, put it in you backpack or pocket, and then give it back to its owner? My wallet fell out of my pocket at some point while watching Scary Movie last weekend, and he just told me that if I wanted it back, I had to come get it. No problem, right? Oh, yes, just the little matter of now I have to walk the two miles to his house in the nice burning sun (and, of course, the two miles BACK), because my mum has this little thing called WORK that's he's never heard of, and isn't back until late at night, far too late to impose my presence on his sleepless household for three minutes. So unless I want to be money-less and ID-less until Saturday (that also means Internet-less at school except for computer class), I have to hike a total of four miles. When he could just PUT IT IN HIS EFFING POCKET.

Jackass. I'm not going to his house again for a long, long time after I get my wallet. Is 'ever' a long enough time, you think?

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