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Family; Mum

Okay. First things eighth. Or first, whatever. I'll be updating even less frequently now that it's summer time. This time tomorrow I'll be at a hotel in Kansas, perhaps convincing my mum to take to me to see Finding Nemo and the Italian Job. In 3 or 4 days, we'll be in Maryland, greeting my cousins, uncle, and aunts.


Now, my family is messed up. Let's start with my mum's side. A star (*) indicates blood relative.
*Great-Uncle Bobby (Robert Telefsen)
~~A millionare who lives like he can only afford to spend 5 bucks a week. Super eccentric, with about a hundred cats.~~

Step-Grandmother (Eileen Davis)
~~Park ranger with a little fluffy mop dog named Lulu. That's all I'm saying.~~

*Aunt Karen (Karen Davis)
~~Where to start? Aromatherapy specialist, sells tupperware, has every medical condition in the book, including hypochondria.~~

Uncle Peter (Peter Wathen-Dunn)
~~Divorced from my aunt Karen a few years ago. A lot like her, including stupidity and air-headedness. He's a desk lawyer for the Department of Education. Or something.~~

Marilynn (Marilynn ???)
~~Uncle Peter's new wife. Also lawyer. A bit of a @$%*!, if you get my meaning.~~

*Kiki (Kirsten Davis-Dunn)
~~Aunt Karen and Uncle Peter's older child. A ficcer, a HP fan, an anime fan, and a writer. Also sixteen. *runs away screaming 'don't let her drive!!!'* Taking a yoga college course this summer. Sigh... Just finished 10th grade.~~

*Kari (Karla Davis-Dunn)
~~The younger sister. Born 11 months after me, she's currently 12. Pretty cool. Although her ADHD keeps her from being able to read for too long, she does like fanfiction. Loves 'Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing... Rat?'. Ah, yes. Quite possibly my easiest-to-get-along-with cousin. We once built a huge fort out of cardboard boxes that we named Camelot and lived in it for a week. Just finished 6th grade.~~

*Aunt Martha (Martha Grimes)
~~Had a vary messed up life about 10 years ago. Smoking, drinking, having a boyfriend who burned down her apartment. Scary thing, she met that guy exactly 2 years before I was born. Same day and all. Anyway, a while back she went into rehab, found God, and met and married my uncle Bob (not to be confused with Great-Uncle Bobby). I was flower-girl at her wedding! I threw up at the reception... 6 or 7 years ago had surgery to remove a tumor and wasn't supposed to be able to ever walk again. Currently walking. Without a cane. Works at her church.~~

Uncle Bob (Robert Grimes)
~~Really cool guy. Works as a mechanic for an airline. Well over 6 feet tall, large build, always moving. Some of my best memories are of me pretending to be a teacher to his student, creating crossword puzzles and trivia questions for him to answer about the Civil War.~~

Reba (Rebecca Grimes)
~~A twin. Adopted. ADHD. Really outgoing and athletic, if slightly bratty. Seven years old, but due to medical difficulties (clef lip, where the lip is split in the middle) she's like a 5 yr old. Still intelligent, though.

Raider (Rachel Grimes)
~~Other twin. Same problems, but more intellectually inclined and shy. Both twins just finished 1st grade.~~


I might go into my da's family at a later date. And this is Leevee, signing off. Later days.

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