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Mwa. Haha. Ha. And whatever.

I neeeeeed mah Lindsey! 8PM, come real fast (or I'll sing a Chipmunks song)!

Also: HHART today. I believe we're watching X2 and discussing the hoyay of Bobby and Pyro. No, no, we're actually discussing the whole "discrimination" part. Ah well. Get to watch the hoyay, and the hotness that is Pyro and Cyke.

And I've got Teen V.O.I.C.E. on Monday to discuss the LotR roleplaying days this summer. Damn, I hope I'm here. As I'm of three who have even read ONE of the books, and even if I've only read the Hobbit, I read fanfics and can point out errors in the movies with the best of them. I don't know Elvish, although I do know that pictograph writing from the Artemis Fowl trilogy (seriously. The writing at the top of the pages tells a really effed up story if you have patience to memorize fairy lingo).

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