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"Underneath". God, SO Many Jokes There...

First, from Life of the Party: http://www.tvshows.nu/IMG/jpg/1067478159.jpg Angel has boobies!

Second: Spoilers for "Underneath"
Spike: "You've got fire hell, ice hell... ice hell... upside-down hell..."
Angel: "I don't care if it's poodles-on-parade hell!"

Spike: "The Wrath?!?", and his Knight Rider refs.

Illyria: "And one world with nothing but shrimp. I tired of that one quickly." Shrimp worlds 4eva! I'm so making an icon that says that.

Eve/Lorne/Harmony super-scream!

Having Harmony's shoes fly off when Hamilton tosses her. Also, Marcus Hamilton. Y'know having the name Marcus is going to be a good thing.

Lorne: "I thought we never leave our own behind? I guess we do. That's what we do now."

Angel: "He is well dressed!"

Illyria: "I'm trapped with an unstable human who drinks too much whiskey and calls me a smurf."

Angel: "I'm not your hero. I'm your warden."

The contract signing thing. That was awesome. And the whole 'fist-through-the-heart' deal.

"'An' Apocalypse? THE Apocalypse...The Apocalypse has already begun; you're on the bad side." Go mah Lindseh!

And all the Eve/Lindseyness. Question: Where the HELL (sorry, pun unintended) did they meet? And if she was created to serve the Senior Partners... how could she betray them? Heeeello?

The machine gun toting kid came spraying bullets and then got thrown against the wall like a rag doll. NICE.

Spike with a briefcase is just weird. I so called him having beer in there. Actually, I thought in the back of my mind he had a little toy phone in there or something.

Angel, looking on with disgust: "I thought you were going to die!"
Eve: "Now I will."

The music playing when Lindsey went out to get the paper? I nearly died laughing.

Angel: "I want Lindsey!" Alright, so that's slightly out of context, but... HEE!

Anyone else wonder how hard it was for ME to find two actresses short enough not to dwarf Lindsey?

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