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I Am Dah Bitch

Ryuu noMegami64 [10:46 PM]: why did you ditch class today?
Otakulee [10:46 PM]: Huh?
Otakulee [10:46 PM]: Oh, because it was Spanish.
Otakulee [10:46 PM]: Like I need to worry about THAT.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:46 PM]: have you taken three years of a foreign language?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:47 PM]: .-.
Otakulee [10:47 PM]: Hey, smart one, remember that little thing called JAPANESE, which I am also taking? And the fact that I could pass Spanish I in my sleep, which I was referring to?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:47 PM]: okay
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:47 PM]: so why are you taking spanish?
Otakulee [10:48 PM]: Because Cherokee Trail didn't offer it. And now, a question for the Spanish Inquisition: WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TYPING IN A LARGE FONT? You do realise that's the same as typing in all caps, aka yelling, right?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:49 PM]: um...
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:49 PM]: no it's not
Otakulee [10:49 PM]: Yeah, it is.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:49 PM]: THIS IS THE SAME AS YELLING
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:49 PM]: well
Otakulee [10:49 PM]: Oh, I'm sorry, OR, it's the sign of a kindergartner.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:49 PM]: YOU seem to be the only one who has a problem with it
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:50 PM]: so here
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:50 PM]: How's this?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:50 PM]: Better?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:50 PM]: or do you want this?
Otakulee [10:51 PM]: Possibly because I'm the only one other than your boyfriend who actually is paying attention to you. And hey, oh-so-intelligent person, that's a larger font. In case your S3 Wesley mind can't grasp that.

And yes, that's better.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:51 PM]: excuse me?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:51 PM]: Justin's the only that pays attention to me?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:51 PM]: no
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:51 PM]: I have 24 people on my buddy list that listen to me
Otakulee [10:52 PM]: Congratulations.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:52 PM]: I have 26 people on my buddy list
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:52 PM]: you'e one of 2, I reapeat, 2 people that does not listen to me
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:52 PM]: and if you think I'm stupid, I'm not the one who ditches class here
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:52 PM]: I might actually do well in college because of that
Otakulee [10:53 PM]: Oh, gasp, your witty barbs pierce my weak, stupid head. The hell.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:53 PM]: I could shoot you right now
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:53 PM]: and if you didn't know, Jenn is one of my best friends
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: she listens to me
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: and so does Justin
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: and Katie
Otakulee [10:54 PM]: Hey, quick question: Do I care?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: and Skye
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: well
Otakulee [10:54 PM]: Guess the answer.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: a minute ago
Otakulee [10:54 PM]: I dare you.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: you did
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: because you happened to bring it up
Otakulee [10:54 PM]: I'm not actually caring about anything in this conversation
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: good 4 u
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:54 PM]: I'm so proud
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:55 PM]: *clap clap*
Otakulee [10:55 PM]: Wait - I'm sorry. Was that supposed to be sarcasm? What is this, "Underneath"'s layers anvil redone?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:56 PM]: excuse me?
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:56 PM]: you think I couldn't do sarcasm?
Otakulee [10:56 PM]: No, dahling, I KNOW you can't. Unless you had a lobotomy in the past few hours.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:57 PM]: oh well EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSEEEE ME!!
Otakulee [10:58 PM]: There is none.
Ryuu noMegami64 [10:58 PM]: you truly think you're superior, just because you skipped the 3rd grade
Otakulee [10:59 PM]: ...well, one more thing you got wrong. Actually two. I don't think I'm superior because of that (and it wasn't third), I don't really believe I'm superior at all. I just enjoy being a bitch. Pay attention, please.
Otakulee [10:59 PM]: Note: YOU'RE the one who got all up in my case for MY business.
Ryuu noMegami64 [11:00 PM]: oh excuse me
Ryuu noMegami64 [11:00 PM]: when you have been being a bitch to me for 2 years, I couldn't help myself
Otakulee [11:01 PM]: I've also been experiencing that nice vague apathy called teenage life for the past two years. Still am, really, but I'm also on a humour high, so I'm seriously enjoying getting you this worked up when I don't even care.
Otakulee [11:02 PM]: And your pitiful attempts at sarcasm, of course.
Ryuu noMegami64 [11:02 PM]: like you're so good yourself
Otakulee [11:02 PM]: Ah ah ah, here's the catch: I don't give a damn. You, it seems, do. Tada, hello difference, nice to meet you.

Wanna know what's fun? Being a bitch! It's awesomely fun when you're not even paying attention to the heated arguement! I see the appeal of early Cordy and Lilah. Because damn, pissing other people off, stepping back and smirking ROCKS! Ha.

And I should probably keep it in check tomorrow, no sense in pissing off the people I actually like. Side note: All the writing by Ryuu no Megami was in giant blue font. Then she switched it to larger, it was effing flooding the screen with the word 'the'. I wasn't even annoyed by that, but then her saying that it was normal? Uh, yeah, in preschool chatrooms, perhaps?

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