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So, I'm thinkin' of gettin' a new avatar. This one of a dead person is annoying now.

Guess what? I've decided to use this oppurtunity to talk about some of my feelings.

I think I'm maybe in love. Or love-ish. I dunno. All I know is that I really, _really_ like Tom. I mean, he's just so cute and sweet. But not in that makes-you-wanna-gag way. Plus, he looks a bit like Harrison Ford. He's smart, but not one of those over-achiever types. And, we're already friends, so...

Bad side. I'm pretty sure I have competition. And my competition is another of my friends, who's known him since 3rd grade. I've known him less than a year. Sigh...

Well, longer post later. Maybe. I gotta get off now, me mum wants to sleep. And, for that matter, so should I.


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