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"I can't believe you said that! Apologize to the entire continent of England!"

McCain/Snape OTP.

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NOTE: all info below is hilariously outdated but kept here for the memories. See also: this entire journal.


21 Jump Street: I like Booker. There, I said it. I find him hotter than Hanson. Hanson actually annoys me. My favorite character is, of course, Penhall, and my choice ship is Penhall/Booker scratch that, have now seen season five, and therefore my ship of choice is Mac/either of the Penhall brothers. I adore Mac, and he is now a close second to Doug for favorite character. It's the constantly eating during scenes, it's what got me with Rusty Ryan in Ocean's 11, it's what got me with Mac. [NOTE: This is more of a defunct fandom, since it's not too active.]

Criminal Minds: I am in immense love with Reid, and with Morgan (and not just 'cause I'm shallow liek woah, although that too). But I actually am a fan of all the characters, really, a rather odd feeling for me. My favorite ship is definitely Reid/Morgan, though, and I will fully admit that's partially because of teh shallow. And Garcia is mah girl, because Garcia is who I aspire to be, one day.

Crossing Jordan: Seely fan, HELLO! detectiveseely PIMPAGE! I'm a fan of Seely/anyone but Lily, but hold a special place in my heart for Seely/Lu, my own personal made-up pairing. Of the actual main characters, I like to focus on Bug and Nigel. I also adored JD, and JD/Jordan, but we all saw how well that worked out. Ditto for Peter. But I'm not too broken up about the cancellation, I'll confess. Because it was kind of turning into bad crack.

Dark Angel: Logan/Alec fan, because Max annoys me. Although I can get behind some Max/Sketchy. Because I heart Sketchy. And Normal, too. Joshua's a little annoying, though. [NOTE: Except for crossovers and anything Logan/Alec, this is another defunct fandom.]

Doctor Who: Captain Jack fan, and Mickey fan. I love me some Mickey/Jake, and any and all combos of Jack, Ten, and the Master. And if at least two of the others are in on it, Martha can join. *nods* I'm also not against, say, everyone from Torchwood sans Gwen joining in.

NCIS: Tony fan, fully and completely. I love some Tony/McGeek. Kate pissed me the hell off, and yes. Yes I did cheer when she kicked it. I also adore Palmer. He's so cute! Full fan of Palmer/Lee, and actually any combo of Tony, McGeek, Palmer, and Lee would kind of make my day. Jimmy is my favorite, because he's just... awesome. Go Black Lung!

NUMB3RS: Colby fan. I also adore David, Don, and Larry. I like the others, but to a lesser degree. I'm a Colby/Charlie and Don/Larry fan, although I also love to read Colby/Don and Colby/David. And I'm sure if someone wrote Colby/Larry, I'd read the hell out of that.

OZ: Ryan O'Reily fan, dawgs. My fave ship is O'Reily/Alvarez, but I also love O'Reily/Murphy and O'Reily/Beecher, because I'm weird like that. I sort of hate Keller, but don't tell anyone. I don't feel like being Internet-crucified.

Supernatural: Dean/Castiel is where it's at, dawgs. I love 'em both! Not a huge fan of Wincest, although I've been known to read it now and then. And soooo not a fan of Daddy Shut Up.

Torchwood: Alright, lemme say right off the bat that I hate Gwen. There were occasions when I found her rather likable, and even when she cheated on Rhys I didn't hate her (mostly because of the circumstances leading up to it), but at this point I sooo don't care. Everybody else is ace, though! I have a fondness for, well, any combo of Jack, Owen, and Ianto. I won't lie. I also love Tosh/Owen, although part of me is rooting for Tosh/Martha Jones, because my mind works in strange, strange ways. (Mass orgies are also acceptable.)


Diana Wynne Jones: Among my favorite authors, if not my all-time favorite. I've read 90% of what she's written, and my favorite book by her is Witch Week. I also love Deep Secrets and the Dalemark Quartet.

JK Rowling: Hufflepuff is my favorite house, and I adore Percy Weasley, Colin Creevey, Zacharias Smith, Luna Lovegood, and Marcus Flint. Because I'm weird like that. I also favor pretty much any combo of them as a pairing. But basically? Harry Potter? I'm in it for the lulz.

Orson Scott Card: I read the Ender series, Shadow series, and Alvin Maker series. My favorite book is probably Shadow of the Hegemon, and while I love Peter and Bean and other major characters, my favorite is Crazy Tom. EDIT: Now it's Zeck Morgan. Thnx, A War of Gifts!

Robert Muchamore: I adore the CHERUB series, and am a fan of Kyle and Dana Smith, although I actually do like pretty much all of the main characters.

Tamora Pierce: I have read all of her books and have been a fan since age seven. My favorite universe is Tortall, where my all-time favorite character is Raoul (I wanted to marry him until I was eleven). I like the Kel, Aly, and Beka books (and characters) the best, and also love Cleon and Nawat. For Emelan, my favorite character is Briar, although I also adore Evvy and Tris - my favorite of those books is Street Magic, though Tris's Book is a close second.

Terry Pratchett: I've probably read about half of his works, Good Omens plus a bunch of the Discworld books. My favorites are the City Watch books, although Death and the stand-alone ones are awesome as well. I'm not too into Lancre or Rincewind, although I've read a number of Lancre books (that's where I got started). Good Omens, though, is my fave.


History: I have a long-standing obsession with the American Civil War, and I've got rather good knowledge and like of general world history pre-1500. Anything in the current century, though, is patchy - except when it comes to serial killers and tyrants, thanks to my buddy Julio's obsessions!

Languages: I'm semi-fluent in Spanish (enough to yell at that one kid who only speaks Spanish and get him to listen, anyway), and I wish to one day learn Arabic, Welsh, Russian, Norwegian, Latin, and Italian. I like languages!

Rugby: Favorite players are Shane Williams, James Hook, Drew Mitchell, DTH van der Merwe, and Mike Phillips. I support Wales and the Ospreys, plus the Denver Barbarians (as far as that goes). When I play, I play prop - I can play both sides equally well.


Procedural Dramas Blogs...I claimed Matt Seely from Crossing Jordan!

Last updated 13 July 2007.
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